Wednesday, April 22, 2009

section 1

hello! I'm back from library and studied with my friend, shirley. Don't you think that two of us were hardworking enough? -,-
senyap. :P

I maked a promised with her that two of us will having our LESSON together today. Again at 7th miles library. One of the best library that I ever gone to. But then suppose-ly I said that I'll fetch her at 12.30pm. What on earth my car having HIS personal problem. Haiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I quickly call Dad about my car's battery. woott!! Bla bla bla. Dad brought the new battery about an hour. Lamakkk tuuuu!!! Ermmm!! about 2.00pm, I fetch Shirley at her hostel, and both of us make a move to the library. :P

About 4.30pm, both of us errr having ourr errr lunch/dinner at one of the restaurant at Padungan, Kuching here. Our an usual place. huhuhu~~

Try for it. I only having my chicken rice when i'm in this place. Other place NOO!

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