Saturday, January 31, 2009

uh lala.. TROPIKA? haha

Well, what can I say.. seems that my sis HATE HER so much. I've seen my sis' blog with a full kebencian..wkakakakaka. I know what is in your mind my dearest sister in the world. Absolutely she's annoyed too much. One day, I'll vomit in front of her..wkakakakaak.. Stop me when you stop her to make her JERK everyday. As I can see but u can't see she's with her fairyland, sing alone like a crazy maniac, and talk alone. Bukankah dia sudah mencapai tahap GILA? she's crazy ok.

My cute little princess datang lagi... :P she's wake me up again....eeee..she's soo cute..wakkakaaka. I woke up and cepat2 take my bath and bla bla bla... I played with her.. Aduhh.. she makes me tired la... gusti2 always..wkakakakaka.. what happen today? read my sis blog.. wkakakakaak..

I'm tired..

My assignment haven't finish yett!!!

Final exam will be on 9th Feb.....

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! should I??????????????????

@_@ is it clear? What did you expect? Give an attention to the highlight and bigger font did I use. I really mean it. So what???

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