Friday, January 30, 2009

crack between crazy

Rainy day, again! Bored and bored. Make my day more bored. My final exam getting nearer. Next week should be study week ! Incredible! All of the class batal today! But, by hook or by crook I must go to the college to take my examination slip. Macam mana mau exam ngak ada slip! ngok! Becca message me and ask me :

becca : U masih cuti ka? tidak turun kolej ka?
me : cuti sakit angau :D why?
becca : bila mau keluar? makan2.
me : heee :D today also can ma. :P
becca : ok...kul 2
me : okayy!!

Lebih kurang macam itu la pesanan khidmat ringkas itu berbunyi. After I get my examination slip, I lepak-ing with Jesseca and Lily. Waited for Becca until 1pm. We make a move about 1pm.. yang dijanjikan pukul 2. tp ngak mengapa sih.. awal lagi bagus. She brought her bf, maikol together. Actually , seronok kawan sama 2 ekor ini.. So, we have to use Sabahan language because both of them, slang sabah bhaa.. hahahaha.. Then, we jalan-jalan first at Parkson. Find Maikol's sweater. But sayangnya...maikol..kau terlalu KECIL...ahahah.. ada minat tp xda saiz..ada saiz mak aii mahal.. huhuhu..

You know what, the place that I hate to having my meal is Chicken Hartz. Mau pengsan ah...huhu.. Beccaaa la punya pasal...she's the one who make the decision. But what can i do, becca belanja.. me just OKAY!! hahahaha..

2 hours having our meals!!! I'm the first person surrender. huaheuheauhaeu.. Eventhough as u can see I'm CUTE, but don't expect that I can eat more than what you eat. My stomoch is smaller than yours ok..hahahhaah.. Finally, rebecca win it.. hahahahahahahah. Feel lazy to drive. What I want is go to sleep..wkakaka.. go to sleep apa nama!!! My sister call.. OITSS...COME BACK EARLY, GOT TO GO TO NENEK HOUSE. So, saya memandu dengan rasa kemalasan diri menuju ke rumah..I go to the toilet for 2 times.. Gila apa haa!!! And what did i expect!!!! Mr Jee Hon Ku make me annoyed so muchhh!! ( my sis will ho ho!! ) My dad lately so lazy driving if we'll go out together. I'm tired OK and he asked me to drive again!!. hmpphhh....

Luckily, he drove back home just now. We had our dinner at Bombay Masala before reach home. I'm really tired.... but I'm not tiring in playing any games.. ehuehuahuhaueheeu.

Now!! I sit in front of my laptop and I fill my blog with my daily crack stuff..huhuhu..

Time for watching the television .Is it round or rectangle? hahahahhaahahha.. sound weird right? as my alien.. His idea of that.. ngaa!!!

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