Wednesday, February 4, 2009

27 January 1988 she's born

Big-big picture shown by me :D This picture is our kenangan with blonde hair.hwhaha :D

She's with stripes is Lily. Sorry my dearest friends, I forgot your birthday. :((
Your birthday just ngam-ngam with chinese new year. And I really-really forgot this. Luckily Vanessa had remind me about this. :(( soo sedih ahhh!!! We've been friends about 2 years start from earlier 2006 until now. We've through everything together. Is it? ahah XD. There's so many fun in our life being together.

I'll prepare u something. Be suprise!! I hope what did I ready for you can make you happy and remember me always ,rest in your life. Coz I love u like I love my other friends.

Happy 21th birthday. Joy and happiness is yours. xoxo

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