Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Born on Christmas Day :D

xx This morning is my last paper for mid term - Paracytology II. Esei susahh siottt!!!!! Kenapa la aku x belajar Enterobios..uwaaaa :(( buttt!!! Woahhh!!!! Lega yuuuu!! Last night a caroling teams carol at our house. Haiyaa.... so lambat ah.. mengantok dowh.. So many things happen yesterday. I baked some cookies. Haha.. Learn from pakar..Just a simple cookies. ahuehauheua... But seems it's delicious. hahah.. :) But OK daa~~ xx

xx Today, after I came back from my final paper, I straight away asked aunty to keep accompany me to the Douglos bla bla bla.. HAhah.. Not to remember the ship likey Titanic ship..wahakakakaka.. Only and the only one reasonnnn... BOOKS... hueheuehue.. I bought 2 books with aunty's $$$..wakakakak...xx
walaaa... I set some picture. :D
TITANIC ship..haha.. :D

:P amit ah and stephanie (tapan) :P
cashier part :P can see some books :D
Interesting readings :D
After that we maked a move to 7th miles for drawing some moneys. Not us but aunty..wahaaa...then...just take a look around the 7th miles. Getting bored and tired.. Finally take a minutes to Teck Lee ( electronic pit shop) haha.. aunty bought the heater and the blender. I don't know how much it costs. Hahahah.. agak-agak la k..wakakakak..But really-really, I'm tired...Until I can't stand anymore..aduhhh.. :( Bha..bha... Christmas eve getting soon.. I can't wait.. huhu... bye..sleep now.. :P Good night all.. mwahhhhhhhhhhh


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