Saturday, September 13, 2008

11 September 2008

Hahahahahah... started 1.11 am. woot woot!!.. im not sleepy so im blogging.. Yesterday after finish my presentation and classes..lily call me to line up in front of A&R, the place to taking the exam schedule. woahhhh....i really wanna feel in pain to see the long Q. wahhh... if im not sitting for my exam, like a hell i wouldn't line up like a stupid bitch. Therefore, I must...NO EXCUSE for me to ponteng berbariss.. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Pluss the weather was soo HOT. It is about 30 minutes then.. -__________________________________-""

Then, me, lily and cedrine having our lunch at Tabuan Jaya. Actually we soooo don't know where to having our lunch.. After berbelit2 whole BDC and Tabuan Jaya, three of us finally makan at tabuan.. So pening mau fikir ma....

what is this? bwahhahahahahha!! me at the center. cedrine always finish her meal right?

Then, me go to the hostel.. As usual i have something important to do.. wahahahha.. nadai la..chewah..lily and cedrine have to come back to college..They have their class at 12.30pm. heeeeee :D

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