Saturday, September 13, 2008

When I say DUHHH

Theee heee :D Tonight I having my fun again. Last fun before my final exam getting nearer. I wont have fun for 2 weeks.. :(

Okayyyy... Today I wake up so early in the morning. I don't know why. I can't sleep last night. Again me and gendut having a small perang last night. alaa..biasalah wei... After i taking my bath, daddy give me a call to send Jess' car to the services centre at seven mile. Burr... dad, this is not my jobbb.. i'm just a GIRL. U're the one should do this. Why meeee? noooooooooooooo :(( erm...then either me want or not, the answer still the same. BERDIKARI, i like..then, Ok bosss.. Luckily my sis also want to buy somethings, so she accompany me. heee ;D

Then,both of us drove to seven miles. After huha huha.. me pay for the services RM80. wooo.. :D not too expensive. wahaaa :D The balance of course me use for jalan-jalan. So its mean kantau la daddy.. wahaaa.. kantau for rm70. wakakakak. Then, me met lily at her BF house. woo.. probably i think i'm sesat, but thanks God, I tak sesat walawehhh..

Erm.. then, my sister said she's starving KFC. Fuh!!.. She said that the new meal for KFC nowadays so delicious.So, I try. Woot....OMGGGGG...feel like they just add some curry.. I hateee curryyyyy.. So delicious kepala hotak adik aku..cissss....I won't eat that chicken with that flavour again.. *sigh*

Dinner again for the church. I don't want to go actually but daddy force us to go.Actually lily the one use to follow us but she have to attend her cuzzy birthday party.. Whoaaa... So, I have not too much i can say about this night. I cant upload the pic now. I'll upload it later.. hehe :P

Hahahahah... This paragraph is just for RAULA KHUZAIMAH. So, dengar baik-baik yerr kawanku.. Click here. Hahahahah.. I'm not crush on him. But I just believe that he's soooo jambuuu... so cute so handsomee.. wahaaaaa... He's more attractive than his abang. But sayang nya.. he's so MUDA. wahahaha.. we're kakak u know.. Wahahha.. Sorry, me always meet them without u.. wahahahahahah.. don't be jealous.. heee :D..Btw, ok raula, I tarik balik bila I mengatakan HE's PONDAN. whahahaha.... Sorry ya A bukan nama sebenar.. wahaa :P

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