Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1 to 10. Heheheh :D

Woot woot!!
Lately, I admired dangdut songs. Wahahahahaha.i don't know why. Is it because of my gendut always talking about dangdut? -____________________-

Today, i feel want to write something on this blogger wall :|
My last write is on thursday if i'm not mistaken. woahhh... 5 days i left my blog without open it once a day.. wahaaaaaa..... Nothing special in my daily dowh... So, i don't know what I want to share with u all.

Today 12.30 pm, after finished my class + presentation, me, Raula and Lily doing some girls activities.. woot woot!! hunting for raula's flip flop. But then, not only a pair of flip flop..but two pairrrr.. one for me and one for her.. Lily got a small tight dress same as what raula wears sometimes agoo at absolutely dress gallery. It's quite colourfull for me..huhuhu...

Before i'm forgot, I got my dinner dress yesterday Heeeeeeeeeee :D

starting from 12.30 until 4.00pm -____________________________-""" Having our lunch at TJ.. But lunch for raula.. Both of us having our lunch already.. except for puteri swimburn..wahaaaaa :D

Final exam getting nearer... tsk tsk..
I'm lazy for attend the class tomorrow. But i have a presentation.. :| and i have to take my exam shecdule also tomorrow morning... :rolling eyes: so goodbye friday, i won't come to the last day of my lecturer class. I'm freeeee.... and i have to starting my revision starting from nowww...complete my task before i'm going to miri. :P 3weeks more lefttt. MIRI, wait for me k.............. Im coming.. wahaaa :D

P/s : Im tired. I want to sleep earlier this night :P

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