Thursday, July 10, 2008

Taman Sahabat

That's been a long time for me not going and hangout with my fellow friends at Taman Sahabat which is situated at Jalan Stutong BDC. After finishing my class at 4.30pm just now, me, Lyea and Jenny having our fun at Taman Sahabat. Hahaahah.. Is it fun? -____________________-

Only LEPAK for an hour because of the weather.. Getting rain soon. We walk along the KOLAM and bla bla bla bla for LEPAS GIAN.. Hahahaha... Kutuk la.. pa lagik!!~~. On the way back home, we meet some doggie around Taman Sahabat playing around. It's seem like no one care of the dog or ermm.....them sneak out from their own home.. uwaaaaaaaaa :(( sure their PARENTS will be worried for searching them.. really2 me.. But their fur seems like NO MANDI lo.. hahah :DD

Just taking one snap of their pic.. Only one of them.. but only HIS back..hahaha..Really.. Damn cute doggie.. Hahahahaha... Then, I send my friends back to their hostel. Me? Back home and always meet UNCLE HUSSEIN..haha.. no laaa... meet long Que at BDC their. turn back to Seven miles for using that road eventhough it's a little bit far then the way that im usually used to. heheheeheh :DD. From 5.30-6.30pm... Huarrggghhhhhhhh :DD

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