Thursday, June 26, 2008


Started my class at 7.30 for Sir Joss class.. Diagnostic Hematology 2. hurm.... Then...continued with Sir Dennis class n finish at 4.30 with Miss Amelia class.. So tired.. Then.. back home.. My mom wait for me to come with me to the saloon for me to DYE my hair into BLACK in colour. My college annoying me for this 2 weeks. Not in our mind the rules that they are making for the student.. We're not secondary student..But we are College student. Others college didn't make the rules that you are trying to make from nowadays. From what I know, I heard this from other student, what happened is because of Discipline Management. Babik ah... Why not.. i suggested if all the student using BAJU SEKOLAH again.>????? Is it not good enough? I'll show you my new hair..But not now.. Im so so sleepy la dear.. :DD

p/s tomorrow is birthday GENDUT you know.. :DD

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