Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today.. Me had Dinner with lily,alvin,ben n lucy at our college. I don't feel anything lor. Im so so tired. My class started at 7.30am this morning..Then I have to fetch Lily at her house at 10.00am then fetch nazihah and her family at FATA HOTEL to send them to UITM KOTA SAMARAHAN. Then, we help anything we can.. Hehehe.. baikkan me and lily? hahah.... Then, we back home at 2.00pm. Today the weather is so hot and very dried. But what To do.. :PP Nazihah is my friend.. and i have to help them.. :) her parents was so kind =.=""

p/s I have no mood to write on. So,, Can i sleep? heee :D

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