Friday, June 27, 2008

Lepak with my friend..

It's been a long time we haven't LEPAK together. I'm going to Lily's house at 11.30 am today. I ask her n Zul to accompany me to meet Nazihah at Kuching. She's one of my MIRC friend. She's went to Kuching to send her sister to UITM Kota Samarahan. So, I decided to send her to UITM tomorrow. Hmm...

Then, I having my class at 2.30 until 3.30 pm just now. Then, I singgah lepak to My Gila-Gila friend. Meet Sayra, Lia, Shil, Jenny. Lepak2 until Becca send us CUCUR PISANG for evening tea time... Hahaha But where is the tea? hahahaha

Then, Jenny suddenly flew a words KFC... Hahahah.. pa lagi.. Hai KFC Tabuan Jaya.. hahahahah... We're coming to buy something from u.. is it OK ?? hahahaa... Tapau la.. Because syil want to back home as soon as possible.. wew =.="" like us ni ANAK TERBIAR... o.O
wkakakakakaka.....after back home tired n so sleepy.. Thats all for today.

Tomorrow there's something special will happen..:DDJust wait for me to update again k... :DD

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