Monday, June 16, 2008

16 Jun 2008 *registration*

This is the picture of a few student that Q up or the payment for the new semester.Only a few student ok..Luckily 3 of us reach to the account administration already... Heee :D There were more student laa... =.=""
Me wake up at 8 am today and drive to my college at 8.30am (30 minutes for touch up everything). -_______-. Though im the last one who arrive to my college. I can see 3 ( lily,zul,cedrine) of them angrily waiting or MEM like me. hahahaha.. :P sorry laaaa okek.. next time no again the same mistake ok?? -__________-

I feel want to kill the PENGETUA. Ok..lets talk about it. Hahaha.. I have so many free time lor.. :DD. For about a few hundred of student, how can only one registration counter is working????? Where is other worker?? wa... so kecian laa HIM.. There were so long Q from 9 am until now. Now me at home. Hahahaha.. 3 hours for do the payment for new semester, registration, meeting our mentor for the schedule. :rolling eyes:

so tireddddd =.=""" . Im back home at 12.. That time also so many people Q up. Pity on Mr Shahrul. Only he i see working at account administration . So, Kill up the boss.. hwahahahaha

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