Thursday, August 5, 2010

lazy girl blogging..semadi nadai

My flu is NOT getting better.. WORST day by day.. stupid flu! also my sore throat.. my cough..stupid2..i hate it very much. I dont know why 2010 is so much meant stupid to me. Every month i'll get this stupid sickness. Really cant stand it anymore. uwaaaaaaaaaaaa :((.

what had happened this few days ho? i received a call from him .. :)) miss u so much sayang... everything okay.. his mom also in a good condition. :)

btw, i'm so bz lately. I have to finish all my task before im leaving for my next outstation trip. i cant wait for my next trip. Kuching a bit boring because i live in kuching. hahaha.. not so boring but i need diffrent environment and diff people. haha.

btw, my bro, hasmeer went to KL this evening.. He came along from Sibu with his brothers, mom.. i send him and say goodbye.. take care of urself bro.. belajar rajin2. :)

then lepaking with Siaw Han and malar.. best2..first time hang out with them. :) then had my dinner with some people. hahaha.. malas nyerr aku ni blogging..semadi nadai. :)

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