Saturday, July 24, 2010

My graduation day 22 july 2010

BLUE. :p
i can't see you lily..haha
the more the merrier. hahah..
aunty, me, lily and her mom.
my aunty, the one that i thankful most.

i just post a few of my graduation photo. I just keep the rest in my own album. :) This graduation day is for my Diploma. For Medical Lab Technology.. God willing by next year, i'll continue my study in Bachelor in Biomedicine. Wish me a good luck. Let me work first for the experience. Then i'll continue my study with my bestfriend , Lily maybe at Shah Alam. I've got the offer now. Still a long-long way to go. :) We have to enjoy our life no matter what we do. Congratulation to all of my 2006 batch. Thanks to my aunty for everything.. My grandma and my parents for their prayer all this times. And to my friends that always be my side whatever happen. I'm nothing without them. And to Allan, your wish is so meaningful to me. :)

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