Sunday, July 25, 2010

make over on her face

full dressing. :)

from the top :)
from the side
in front. cute. haha
before and after :)

i feel wanna create something.. wanna drawing some colouring. So, i decided i wanna play with an eye-shadow. Yess.. i want to do some make up but not on my own face. Someone face. huhuu... surely, my sis won't agree so i called my cousin that i'll coming to her house and do the make over on her face. She's just a simple girl with her spectacles, with the pony tail hair and her t-shirt and short pants. So, i ask her to find her dress at least one to be ready. i'm not damaging her face ho. =.=" u can see the result.. nice ho.. :) i like to be beautiful. i love to see other people also beautiful. :) i took one hour to did this make up.. is it she's look alike me ? everybody said that. ya ya she's my cousin and she's my little sister also. hehehehe. she's only 17 years old. Having her SPM this year. Yeaaa for me.. I can make this girl more beautiful than before. can i be a professional MAK ANDAM? haha.. NOOO... i have to gain some more experience.. this is not enough. but i satisfied. hehe. :)

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