Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Gawai 2010

HAPPY GAWAI PEOPLE. :) Usually, I don't celebrate gawai too much. Yup, my Dad is an Iban And chinese as you all known before, my mum is a pure bidayuh, but we'll just celebrate this gawai with my grandma from my mum side in Batu Kawah. Just for a family members, having our meal together, of course have the 'lemang' , 'kari', etc, having a chit chat each other. But no as merrier as Chinese New Year and Christmas of course. hehe.

As usual, before the 1st June, family members will 'gotong-royong' prepared for the dishes that will be serve the next day. But for our family, we just have our BBQ and eat, have a chit chat. Then, by tomorrow morning, we just have to greet my bidayuh grandma, for sure after that, have a visit to my friends houses :). I had promise to Carol ( my facebook friend) that i'll pay a visited to her house for this gawai. She's my new friend by the way. :).

So, Happy Gawai to all my friends. Wherever you are, enjoy your holidays and don't drink too much. And to my dear, I know that you are drinking too much now. Hehehe. I miss you so much. Today is the 5th day we didn't contact each other... No line coverage in his village. huhu. I can't wait to meet you by next week. :) .. b, I love you very much. When you read this, u know that ( aku meruan lelengau ke b ).. hehe. My Iban is getting better now. Not my common Iban.. If my common iban, i can score 100%. haha. I don't even know what is MERUAN before. hahaha. nahh.. ~~

Tomorrow will have a long journey... SEMATAN is waiting for us :)

Nites.. Have a nice day. Don't drink and drive. :)

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