Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Trip

I'm just came back from KK yesterday morning. ewwww....~~ EARLY in the morning okay? ahahahahah.. i've been in the airport since 4.30am. that leng chai send me earlier. huuuu.. I arrived in Kuching at 8.00am. Earlier than what i expected. KK was superb, nice.... hahahahah... Their community, their people, their food....nice...really nice.. But sorry to my friends, i cant make it with u all.. i cant meet u all.. sorryyyy.. next time i'll come to KK personally, not for a work..just for a vacation and meet u all there. teeheee :D

By the way, I went to KK for attend the exhibition. I meet the big big boss.. heeee~~ We've our own booth which is represent our own company. I'll upload some picture in other post. ngahahahahahaha. just that im so lazy updating my blog. huuuuuu~~ for sure im lazy to arrange the picture up down here and there.. hahaha.

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