Thursday, September 3, 2009


I had my dinner/makan/sungkey with all of my beloved friends. kahkahkah. MY beloved fter6 friends. I'll post some picture after I got it from other friends. :)) owh forgot...i asked raula to accompany me join them sungkey.. owhhh no i forgot to take any picture of that place. It's situated around satok...not too far from chung hua school and the thompson corner as if u are a Kuchingkian. hohohoho.. Me also sesat pusing2..haih!! soooo the jakun!. quite nice juak la.. RM20.70 buffet.. kueh jak nyamann actually.. not that much variety of choices.too spicyyyy!! tertonggeng makan aie. I love the sandwich, kueh kueh..ya jak lah..air selasih nice. huhu getting nearer. haihhhhhh

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