Saturday, July 11, 2009

PTPL star 2009

Apuuuu.. worst ever worst.. huhuhu.. U know what? today is SATURDAY.. Ya...of course today is saturday. harharhar. saturday means? weekends? cuti day? or bz day? huuh. I woke up at 7.00am Tooo malas to open my sepet eyes. I continued my JOURNEY until 7.15am. harharhar. erkkkk!! I wish i can adding some minutes but my stomach aucchhhhhhh~~ need to pass motion..harharhar. With my closed eyesss~~ i took my bathhh~~ Until I finished my shower. Still not open yett!! harhar. pelik bin aneh right? if orang lain, i bet sidak will open their eyes as big as they can because the morning shower sangat sejuk ma~~ i chose the simple-estttt outfit for today. I didn't use any makeupppp, just wore my contact lense and tadaaa~~ class time. as u all knew b4, my mid sem will be postpone until 20july atas sebab2 tertentu..harharhar. so, that's mean next week, KELAS SEPERTI BIASA. harharhar. no doubt. huhuhu.

Saya menguap jak kerja saya dalam kelas patologi.. aduhh~~ and my notes dissappear. apuuu.. where is my notes, i mean mukasurat 51. ahh nevermind...nanti fotostat. KakPah wasn't boring but me??? what happen to me?? apuuu morning is my enemy.. huhuu. Then, had my ujian amali biochemistry. harhar. I'd brought TOYOL la.. But i can't see my toyol..chissss~~ so, i'm not cheated ok!! harhar. no doubt. :P plus plus i'm a good student noww! harharhar (:

But the test was ok lar.. wo happy ma...ada gik saya kelas tambahan at 1.00pm. yah.. so, I spent my time at bilik Bakun ( name of the room) for watched PTPL star. apuu.. so many singer la.. will ganti hafiz ha? huhuhu...This year, i'm not interested. Not because sombong or what but too lazy pluss my shecdule macam padat jak. so, better me study la ho? harhar.. so lawa la i cakap. so enjoy the video lar hor. so messy.. as long as u understand.. harhar....

So, my friend kamisah called Ms Efida just now. then she asked us NOBODY TELL U MEH I CANCEL THE CLASS ALREADY. Haiyaaaa how would us know about that.. hurmm. Tak apa lahh.. Bukan us tunggu x buat apa pun kan.. we all tgk ptpl star. huhu... nasib baik I lari sebelum dipaksa untuk participate. i dont want larrr.. haiyaa! very the malesss~~

Ok!! i'm home now. What did u expect? at home lar blogging...huhu. i rela duduk rumah yuu.. Just a while, I want to accompany my mum go to the market. so, see u.. daaaa~~

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