Saturday, April 18, 2009


I went out with my family for a dinner time. Again, seafood was our favorite. Hehehe. I'll not write too much on my entry this night, seems that I'm in hurry to watch akademi fantasia's concert. Huhuhu~~ Afundi your favorite student. :)

Steam fish *ignore this* I don't like it. huehue

seaweed cucumber. love this when it is still hot. :P

mix vegetable. Duh!!!

Love thisss !! butter chicken

japanese tauhu. Just nice. :)

This seafood situated at Pending. Just nice and the place feel comfortable. Don't worry, it's HALAL. The price also boleh lah. Try ittt!!! I'm sure you'll love it. Very delicious. :)

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Anonymous said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhh..nyaman2!! penah ku post sal makann2 yg hampir sama juak..huhuu..delish!!