Thursday, March 12, 2009

stranger in the bottle

My page look pinky terrible right now. I don't know!! what happen to me cilakak tul!!! Why??? am I one of the pinky lover?? cilakak mena!! Aku ingat kisah silamku.aku tidak suka PINK. nahh~~ sukatiku.. haha. I feel MALAS to go out because the weather didn't let me playing outside. So hot!! and I need air-cond for 24 hours. Duh!! and uh.. I feel hot & cold as Katy Perry said in her song. Demam kah aku?? And ouh, My purple sweater missing!!!!! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(( damn!! that's my own fault, I'm careless!! ya ya ya!! CARELESS stupid!!

2 weeks more to starting my classes. I can't wait.. I'm bored right now. chup! chip! chop! please make my day faster and faster. And I think I want to lepak this evening with my cats. meow!! hahahahaha... is it sound weird? nahh~~~ they make my life full fill with laughter.. hohoho.. meoww~~~~

I'm babbling too much. And I'm so cilakak because Of ketamakan changing my blog templates. cilakak to me!!! then, my link, my friends link, pic..etc all missing and disappear!!! cilakak to me again!! slap my own face!! omg!!! dear dear dear!! if I've got something missing, just telling me yahh!!! and kick me also.. ahaha... damn!! annoying much!!

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