Thursday, March 12, 2009

tagged from kak long again

*****Let answer it honestly*****

Where are you right now?
>> in my own room

Where do you supposed to be right now?
>> rumah nenek. :D

Where is someone you loved?
>> ayoo miri eh

What his/her name?
>> cornelius

Are he/she stil studying?
>> nope

Where?What her/his school or college named?
>> smk lutong/ IKM kuching

How long your relationship with he/she?
>> 9 month.. smooth relationship

When do you first meet he/she?
>> ayoo.. when ho? around august

Where do you meet?
>> Kuching lol

When do you know you falled in love with he/she?
>> suddenly. hahaha.. omg!! i'm fall in love without teling anyone. siot aku ni

Are you happy to be loved with him/her?
>> absolutely. :)

When do you in love?
>> around last year. :)

Where is your first dated?
>> aduyai..wisma saberkas.hahak

What are your status?
>> single not available

Is it true?
>> yups

Do you know anyone at friendster password?Who?
>> ada.. cornelius.haha

Do them know your password?
>> ayo..semua dia tau ma

What are your favourite songs?
>> lagu lewat semesta

Are your gf/bf is a great kisser?
>> hahahahahaha. ntah.

Are you a jealous person?
>> kuat jeles malas mau berantam

Do you have a strange dream?

Has you ever told someone you never love that you love them?
>> gila apa..adeh

Did you love your bf/gf?
>> repeatersssss ngee~~~

What is your favourite word?
>> mom loves that.haha

Where do you wish you are right now?
>> miri :(

Do you smoke?
>> noe

Do you take alchohol?
>> no

When your birthday?
>> 16 july 1988

Who is on your featured friend?
>> important person in my life.

How many you login in a week?
>> everyday

Did anyone hate you for no reason?
>> flew~~~~ skatinya sia

Is it important that we have to care about people matter? Give your reason.
>> depends

What is your shout out?
>> what is that?

Who love you?
>> everybody loves me includes my cat. hohoh

Are you a shy person?
>> always.. but et to know me. aku x pemalu bha

Are you prefer to get back with your ex before?
>> yoh..mati hidup semula i also dont want

Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them?
>> ayoo..iya

What do you wish for today?
>> no bosan for today. ahakss

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