Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day with all its charisma and magnetism brings love in the air, scarlet color of roses painting the town with the vibrancy of love and romance make every heart eager to say it loud, 'I Love You' coz''s the Valentine's Day. This is a perfect occasion that marks the sharing of numerous symbols of loves as Valentine gifts among the lovers.14th February has been known as Valentine's Day, a time beloved of romantics. This is the perfect occasion for romantic proposals and dating.

p/s : For my loves one, Cornelius. You may know and you must know that I love you so much. Even though we're not facing to others, but I know our loves chemistry will show unfailing love and tenderness. I will always be loyal to you and make you mine. You will intimately know me as I really am. My love for you is a marathon, not a sprint. With kindness, I will be affectionate to you. My love will not envy you, be jealous of you, or compete with you. You will never hear me boast or brag in order to make you look small. I will never sacrifice your self-esteem on the altar of my ego. I won't be harsh with you or rude to you by my words, by my attitude or actions. Instead of being selfish, I will seek what's in your interest. I won't use anger to intimidate you or to get you to do what I want. I will not be suspicious of you or second-guess you. When you do wrong or when you hurt, I will weep with you. When you do right, and when good things happen for you, I will be your biggest cheerleader; I'll give you a standing ovation. My love is strong enough to go through the toughest time with you. I will be quick to believe you. I will expect the best for you. With you and for you I will go the distance. My love for you is as invincible as I am eternal.

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