Monday, December 15, 2008

pa rap du dap di dap.. :D

My sister come back from village and I have to fetched her from kampung as mum said. Huh!! We had our lunch at grandma house. Around 1 pm, three of us make a move to 7th miles as for your information, daddy called us and wanna meet at 7 miles. Went to kedai perabot. tuiiiii.. Just want to show their new stuff this coming Christmas. Haiaaaa... Then, after hu ha hu ha. Daddy paid for the new sofa, three of us went to the klinik.. sakit tuttt.. :
P No need to know. Hahahaha...Me and my sis had a same problem. So, we share the medicine. Just a few of pills and cream.. Alaa sakit biasa ma.. Not that serious. :P

Then, dad ask me to back home alone because the sofa SENDER will come to our house within one hour, so my sister and mummy will be fetching by dad
dy. Duhh!!!. Alaaa.. I sempat mandi.. I make a drift.. wakkaka.. no la... Just a joke OK. After a few minutes, they came with the new sofa. Just nice.. Not a WOW. Hahahahaha.. Just elegance but simple :D I set some picture for myviewers :P

tadaaaaa.. wala... But OK la. Not too WOW. hahaha.. :P

with my old stuff. Haha.. I'm at kampung nenda :PSaya sungguh marah dan kecewa kerana exam parasitologi II akan berlaku pada hari selasa 23 hb disember.uwaaaaaaaaaaaa... how can It held be sooooooo lewattt!!!! Mr Hansleyyyy!!.. uwaaaaaaaaaaa
sob sobbbbb... double sad :((((((((( owhh triplee.. uwaaaa... Tada mood sayaaa mau x-mas disebabkan cuti yg sungguh lewat.. tuii


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