Wednesday, December 3, 2008

bu yaahhh heee haaa

I'm just finished my Diagnostic Haematology II assignment 1. I need to make a conclusion from chapter 1 until chapter 7. And it's submit before 6 December. woahhhh... Just 1 week. Finally I finished them overall.. And I'm so so free.. heuheuehue.. But a little bit worry about mid term on 17 december. Not ready and im think about CHRISTMAS... Ho ho ho.. hahahaha...
shopping when? aduhhhh... No time laaaa...

I know my page quite boring now.. And I feel bored too.. ahakkkssss... sooo.. walaaaa..

See? I'm busyyyyy.. uwaaa :((

My rest is not enough.. believe me... That's m real live. Before this, I'm always play around until my study is not too good representing.. HEuheuehuehue.. I'm so malas.. So this semester, I trust that I'll change and I swear that I'll changee.. aheuaeheuheauheau... My MOMSTER loves mee maa... haiyaa Miss Sharifah.. I love you too..aheuheuheauaeea

Next week on Monday CUTIII... horeeeyyy... One more day for resting. HEUheuhauheauea.. Cuti hari raya haji. Selamat hari raya haji to all mybeloved malay friends.. :D


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