Sunday, November 30, 2008


mean it?
normal is boring?
boring is normal?
nor life is boring?

I dah tengok tau Bolt. wakakakkaka.. like my past super duper dog :((

Igor is waiting. Hehehe.. Chaa!! take me tomorrow. Malas dowh driving..duh!! can we buy your music stuff together. Hheeheh..

Tomorrow another day of boring. I'm completed my assignment, lab report and study for my quizzess.

Last saturday, I laughed a lot. Until my unknown teeth sparkling out. Hahahaha :D merepek kah aku? haeheheah... Is it I'm looking funny? hahaha.. I think so. I can't be so seriously when playing such stupid game. They ask me to be serious to complete the game. How can? The monyet2 laugh at me maa.. syuhh2..

I love to see Miss sharifah smile and laugh.. Soooo cute.. hahaha.. wewittt miss.. :P

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