Sunday, November 9, 2008


Since yesterday, I ask my dad to buy my Pathology book..etc revision book actually. So sad....i didn't find any books at popular - Boulevard.. Then, dad cakap ah...ala tomorrow... I call my cuzzy ask her where can I get that book (medical book). She told me to find that book at wisma saberkas.. Something like UBS bookstore.. ahhh :( dah pindah that store..haihh.. where can i get that book ley? So m0m said why not we go to E Bookstore.. just nearby my sis college.. Then I drove there just for tanpa tujuan... Adakah buku yg ku cari disitu? ahakkss.. Alaaa... just go ma.. Woahhhhh.. i can't believe that The pathology book's in thereeee.. ahakksssssss... RM _ _ _.85. sooooooo expensive liow.. harharharhahrhar... But my parents don't care as long as i need that book very much.. wuwuwuwuwuwuwu...

Then, me bought 2 pair of jeans. Dats all ok... mum pay for it.. me just take. ahakksss.. I'm so hungry and ask mummy to tapau for me.. We back home lor... around 2.00 pm just now.. so tired.. I'm sleepy also... haihhh...


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