Monday, October 20, 2008

we're happy :p

Today, I keep my promised to accompany lyea to Hospital Bau. Soon, she'll be posting at Hospital Bau for 3 month. I arrived at their hostel at 10.30 am this morning. She's not having her bath yet... owh LYEA!!!!!!!.. take ur bath nowwwww... then, we have to wait for syil. She's been gone to college since 10.00 am for her discussion with her lecturer. bla bla bla~~~~~ she's came back about 11.00am. Then four of us started our journey to Bau. With Jenny, syil and lyea. We taught that Bau is too far which is about a hundred miles? hahahahaha.. I drove to Bau about half and hour only.. Is that to near? or I drove too fast? but dont worry, aku pemandu berhemah.. dekat jak Bau yaa... bagi yg sapa-sapa penah pegi lah k. (dalam kepala ingat kata husband jak) hahahaha...

From 7 miles, we arrived at Hospital Bau at 12.01 pm in the afternoon.. We searching for the laboratory. We asked one of the medical assistance about the main case in the hospital. And he said KES ROGOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! macebeiiiii!!!! im asking seriously la pakcik... Main-main pulak.. If im the doctor, i'll kick u out then.. of the mostly case is diabetis and high blodd preassure. Mainly for the 'orang tua'. hehehehe.. Then, we menyinggah to Gua Angin.. only about 3 km from the hospital. But, it closed.. Because penah berlaku keruntuhan.. eeeecaahhkkkk.. ok pun me xkan masuk..seram woo... we taked some pic. bla bla blaa...... we take five at Tasik Biru.. Birukah?? hahaha.. yup.... it's bluee... :)

masalah nya...timer takbagus maa... tengah hari tuuuu.. panasss wooooooo!!!~~~... amik keputusan balik jak laaa... panas gilak gilakkkkkkkk... ahhh... we having our lunch at 7 miles.. ahh.. oldskool.. lame nyer x makan kat atas market tuhh.. aduhhh... bertahun2....dari aku masih bayi....hidup woooo market batu 7.. hahahah... me and lyea having me goreng with air bandung.. me order ais jagung alsoo.. panas maa... syil having nasi goreng ayam n air bandung... best2.. puas.. jen? 2 mangkuk cendol? hahahaa... i told u.. badan kecik maaa....

then...we have our plan mok jalan2 along kuching...butt dad call ask me to send his files to his tempat bekerjaaa.. ahhh.. plan cancel againnnnnn!!!!!~~~~

back home, my mum book me alsooo accompany her toooo SERIKIN market maaa.. hahahahahahahahaha... buy some stuff for dinner...I'm home now and I want to visit popo for a while.. :)) daa~~~~

sorry... im still 7 years old :p

4 of uss... happy girls :P where is my eyes

we're special? hahahah. with lyea.
me and syil
me and jenny
sayang, you should be here and nikmatilah keadaan budak berusia 7 tahun ke bawah ini :))
-May God Bless You-

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