Tuesday, September 30, 2008

im the queen.. hehe

omggggggggggggg... haha.. 2 days 2 dangerous... 2 terrible.. hahahahaha.. yesterday I'm so busy with my mum. My sister's having her OKU.. hahahaahahahahahah... ntah.. i'm not so into her problem.. kaki terseliuh beb. hahaha.. serve her right... wekk :P But kecian jugak wooo.. hahaha.. jalan like nanny past few years. hehehehhe... yesterday.. me n mum going to the rhb bank, post office at 8th miles for renewing my lisence. Damn hot and dry. If it's not an important task, i wouldn't get out from my room.. wuwuwuwu. Then, in the evening, we lepak-lepak with Mother of the cat and the dog.. hahahaha..

can we call her mother of cat and dog? hahaha

Today.... woot woot! u know what... i wake up and mum ask me to cook that chicken.. But i dont know how to cut the chicken. Then, my dad call to send him to the 7th miles. He left his car at Kong Motor because he bring my sis car back home. But somethings going on with that car. Bunyi like lori batu.. Hahahah... Finally daddy call the mechanic and bring the mechanic back home to find out what is going on with the bunyi just now.. On the way they brought the car back to the bengkel, the car suddenly stop in the middle of the road.. hohhhhhhhhhhh... we wait for the penarik kereta for about half an hour... omggg, it's sooo hottt.... just u imagine what happen.. this is what happened ...

on tow..hahasoo hott :(

the mechanic at home..huhu

: This what happened for today... I need some rest.. hoh :D

-May God Bless U-

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