Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This Cat Make Me GERAM for two days

He's from Mar.. Hahahah.. Nope. Yesterday, My sis brought him back home. He's belongs to Wilfred, my sis friends. Wilfred have to back home which is at Miri. And he bought this cutiey on 6/7/2008. Seriously this kitten was so cute and naughty. But he has to back home with his TUAN tomorrow. :(
He's so sweet. By the way, his name is Stripes. But while he's at our home, we call him bling-bling. hahahhaah...

Then, you know what, he's like a human being. He knows how tell us that he has to pass urine or what else huh.. hahaha.. My samseng don't like him at all..:(( Cemburu la tuh..

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