Thursday, July 3, 2008

Better in Time.

Two days I have no time for blogging. I'm getting more buzyING (hehe) since last week. Then, my printer making full of trouble while me printing some of my assignment.. I should bought it earlier. So me blame myself. But, usefull. It's happen last night and I must send it this early in the morning.. So, what to do.. Me just do it with my UGLY handwriting. ~sigh~ Yesterday fool day..huhu~~

Today.. ermm..what hah? started classes with Madam Bebe from 9.30am - 11.30am. Nothing special. Learning how to type???? hahahahaha... seems funny yah.. Yah...really funny for us. But not the new student or someone that new with computer. But we have to.. no objection =.=""

After finishing our class at 11.30 am.. we had our lunch at JJ cafe at tabuan jaya there. 10 minutes from our college. After had our lunch, we play snooker there at Crystal Bowl BDC. hahahahah.. Seems funny to see them play for the first time..hahahahah..Getting bored then karaoke with the small box behind the snooker's table.huhuhu..
Karaoke until no voice come out..hahaha.. aiya.. karaoke until 2.30 because lily, cedrine n zul will have their class later on 2.30pm... They enter the class.. I back home n blogging n sleep later.. hahahhahahahaha :DD

P/s Happy Birthday To my ex classmate 5 Science 1. Hafizah Naihi, Jelika Latip and Siti Zulaikha

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