Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What happen for this few days...

Bitch I'm sick for this few days. My flu getting more worst for a few days.. Why is it happen to me? Fuck it.. I made2 a big BIG mistake yesterday.. o.O

Please2 return to that time for a once. Really regret it sometimes... I should not to tell him the truth.. But it seems make our relationship more worst for days a days.. Hmm... I think so.. I should think before I tell him..aaaaaaaaa............... *sigh*

Gawai getting nearer.. Either balik kampung or not? haiya... LAZY la... o.O

If not... Mummy bising popet2 not stopping her mouth silently.. Popet2 should be ok sometmes...thanks God, she didn't hit me with any batang penyapu..wkakakakakkakakkaka :))

So lazy to balik kampung instead kampung is so so bored with the budak2 kampung..hoho...I dont know how to tell u all about what i feel when me be at kampung there..So so damn2 bored... Please mom dont force me to balik kampung kejam <<<------ me la..wkakakaka dats all for today.. im not feeling well actually... :(

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