Wednesday, May 21, 2008

im so so sad...

I dont know how to tell but my exams today which is Cytology 1 is so so hard. For me lor...But my friends says that Cytology is so easy which is the question got in the last year paper..But i cant find it...either in objective or structure or so hard..i feel like to cry..mummyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Please help me.. My mentor change once again...mak aii..u know whoo... MISS SHARIFAH NURIZAH SYED ABDULLAH.. ngeeeeeee!!~~:))

waaaa.......please2...sorry Miss i cant give 100% commitment to my cytology paper. Feel regret...feel that i bace x keluar pun dalam exam.. :((

p/s : dats all for today.. I feel guilty.. Feel sad.. :((

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