Sunday, May 18, 2008

Going back to kampung one whole day =.="

Going back to kampung this evening. hot and such a tired day. After a month i haven't going back to kampung, my mom bising ask me n my sis to go to kampung visited nenek there.. hoh.. Not mean that we dont want to visited nenek but two of us were so busy lately...Please forgive us nenek..hohoho... Starting our journey at 10.30 am... Having our lunch after pray with others at kampung then going back home at 3p.m. Waste several of minutes for mummy to SINGGAH at Hijau which there are many type of flowers for mum to buy it.. Hohhh...30 minutes??? why is it take soo long?? hoyehhh...

Home sweet home mean i have to take a nap before my whole body will get full of pain..wuwuwuwuw..I think two of us will going back to kampung again tommorrow because my UNCLE have something special for us.wkakakakakakak.. =.="

p/s : Taking my bath ^.^

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