Sunday, August 23, 2009

boring ok.

Name: Jacqueline Natasia Jee
Birthday: 16 July 1988
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brunnete
Right or Left Handed: both :)
Your Strengths: high level confident
Your Weaknesses: family
Your Fears: thunderstrom. huhu
Your Favorite Food: McD
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: ended my diploma. harhar
First Thoughts When Waking Up: taking my bath
Your Most Missed Memory: secondary school
Pepsi or Coke: coke
Single or Group Dates: neither
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
Do You Smoke: nope
Do You Swear: was wrong. huhu
Have You Been In Love: one year past
Do You Want To Get Married: maybe yes maybe no
Do You Want To Have Kids: yes
Your Favorite Color: white & black
What Kind Or Car Do You Drive: kereta sorong.harhar
Do You Have A Job: nope..still study
Do You Have A Boyfriend: nope..single now. tired of what happen before
Fave TV Show: Mr Bean. harhar
Fave Movie: ice age. harhar
What Are You Thinking right Now: who is me for 10 years to come?
Have You Ever Cheated On Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend: i think nope...
Have You Ever Been Cheated On: i cant recall
Do You Have Any Pets: i have 5 cats. harhar
Whats The First Thing That You Notice About The Opposite Sex: physical
Your Best Physical Feature: how do i know. huhu
Most Overused Phrase: cisss
Love or Money: money..yeah yeah.. love? hurtinglisme
Kiss or Hug: hug
The Biggest Life Lesson Learned So Far: study hard , achieve ur ambition and take care of ur beloved family so much. :)
Biggest Pet Peeve: doggy named kurap. harhar
Worst Habit: bit my nails.. sigh~~
Your Zodiac Sign: cancer
Do You Love Someone Or Miss Someone Right Now: miss.. badly..but i have to move one. if u love him, just let him go. time will decide. :(.. sakit woo.. dont try this at home.

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