Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ujian Amali

Mid sem ditunda until 20 July laaaa!!~~ Good or bad?? for me it's good. Bukan sebab exam lambat leh bersuka ria but I have much time to cover up all of my chapter for each subject. Btw,I saw my junior which is my junior since I'm in primary school. If I'm not mistaken, her name is Cynthia Stas. She's younger than me about 3 years lor if i'm not mistaken. She's my junior also at PTPL. But, I never talk to her face to face since I saw her. Nevermind, one day I'll talk to her in person.

Tomorrow I have no class. Aduhhhhh~~ boring time at home. Then, I feel that I'm not feeling well now. Macam mau demam saja. Maybe take too much pil tidur and ice cream..harharhar. U know what, im addict to samboi ice cream lately.. apuu.. a little boy sold that ice cream to me. He said that his grandma made it. So sedappp u know. he sold that around BDC. So go and find him. He always call me kakak. harharhar. So tua i felt.

This coming Saturday ada ujian amali. Aduhhh... worry leyy.. I even have no idea about amali biokimia csf. Susah u knowwwww..... if the pengumpulan sample, I think I'm major in it. But not biokimia csf. aduhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how leyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! help meee!!~~ aduh aduh!!! then, have to derma our own darahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~ sikpa lah..cucuk burit jakkk..harharhar..alu semua lemak keluar..paloi narr~~ ekekeke.

bah lahh..I want to complete my assignment... I want to search2 about csf. tolongg!! :((

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