Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today I just finished my second last paper. wohoooo!!~~biochemistry!! For me the question is just too simple thats why make me scary!! noooO!!! just that I just answer the question because I'm so sleepy in the examination hall. :| one more paper left behind but shit!!!! on Saturday morning.. -___________-"" Why can't it just finished by tomorrow or a day after tomorrow..? But why it is must be on this Saturday MORNING? :|

As you can see on my new post, seems that I really-really mad at someone. But who is HE for me to care? Just take my sumpah seranah for today.. Really long time ago I didn't sumpah seranah anyone. nahhh~~ Take my words, my friends will ask... Why You marah-marah?? who is that? what happen?? nahh~~ :P~~

This is the second day I used to accompany my aunty to send her sister to go for a tution. ngee~~ her sister is my aunty too but she's too young for me to call her aunty.. -____-"" tomorrow will be the last day!! yehaa!! Today I met Mr Rozhan, my ex Bahasa Malaysia teacher in form 5 a long time agoo.seems that I'm old already..ngee~~. Not such a long time ago.. just a few years agoo~ nahh~~ he's brought along his BAG in front!! and it's bigger than usual..wkakaakakakakak.. I never get A for his subject almost his examination. But I got A for my SPM..wkaakakak.. Is it funny?? nahh~~~ he's a great teacher. He had such beautiful wife and his children also had a same genetic like me..nahh~~~ cute like me la..wkakakaakak.. :P~~

I'm really bored and getting bored.... Then I write something for you to read... Don't only waste your time with gossips... wkakakakakaka... read my nonsense story laa... :P~~

seperti biasa~~ After typing, as usual, mengantok la pulak.. ZZzzzZzZZz nites guy!~~


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