Saturday, January 17, 2009

currently at college

currently : College 11.00am

Damn boring!!!!

Waiting for my lovely friends for attend Miss Sharifah meeting !! I want to go alone but shame on me . -_________________-"" *malu - ing -

I'm sleepy and I want to sleep. Ask for more!!

I'm starving with McFlurry Oreo!! Ask for more? hahah :D

Got to go !! I'll scream later...

I'm tension and I just merepek - ing.. :P

2 kicks:

e.r.m.i.e z.e.n.t.i.e said...

meeting apa ya sis?!?!? he5x

Oueen Queko said...

meeting meroyan... haha...xda la.. biasa la mis ya.. ada2 jak.. aktiviti la..ceramah la..