Monday, September 1, 2008

what am i thinking?

hmm... I feel want to write something today. Woot woot!! I found SOMETHING... click here if you all wanna know about it. Its all about PTPL.. haha.. edison, poh fong.... read this.. I'm sure u'll like this blog.. hahhahaha. I likeyyyy too..

lets turn my story about shopping dayy.. heuheheheu.. My aunt ask me weather that i want to follow her for a shopping at the DESA ILMU.. ada pa desa ilmu actually? heuheuhe.. nothing.. Then she decided to had some shopping at BDC. So i said OKAYY la... But i don't bring my wallet..apuu.. i be a MADURA girl last night.

this two boys were so naughty. -.-
i feel want to kill this two boys but dont worry WAN, DEDEQ, kakak always love u 2 boys. hueheuhaheu..
The boy with the red oneee... haha..simpan semua rahsia aku wooo..hahah

the blue one is teddy biscuit.. I loveeeee all things that ada kaitan with TEDDY..ahuehueahaeu...
dont forget tge sour plum.. My grandma knock my head because give her that sour plum. I lied to her that this things is sooo sweet.hah.. sorry popo..haha... the peppermint chewing gum.. i wont forget it.. 24/7 must have it in my handbag... :)
I'm not feeling well actually. But nevermind, I'll recover by tomorrow morning. I think that I'm more OKayy now. :D sayang... i'm ok sudah..haha..i'm sure that i'll be more busy this month.. My final exam getting soon. My quizzes, my tutorial.. I'm sure all the tutors will KILL their student for this two weeks left.. I hope that this SEPTEMBER will finish soon. I'm hunting for the october.. huaehuehauaheheueah. :D.. syang, u know what I mean right? haha.. I hope i'm not busy as perdana menteri or whatsoever. Me avoid stress. Me avoid tiring. Me avoid sick.. Please... :P

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