Saturday, September 13, 2008

full of intensitivity

Omg.. I sleep at 4.00am last night. I can't sleep. Just thinking the things that not so important. But the THINGS make me feel not so comfortable. I play fool around, I edit all of my picture, dinner picture and my new BORED picture. Yet, i can't sleep laa.. Just I try, I hug my Si Besar... woot woot!! I CAN sleep. So miracle.. wahahahah.. Thanks ya Si besar. heheheh :D

My sis ngegeh2 ask me to send her to her college this evening around 6.00pm. Hoh.. My dad? arghh.. 'daddy has his plan with his friends to watch ManU vs Liverpool. Find my dad at batu 3.. wahahaha.. siang-siang batu 3 there.. ciss.. So, is there any excuse for me? wuarghh.. I have to send sundun to her college for activities berbuka puasa bersama-sama. Hehehe.. I bought mum along.. Hahahaha.. We have some shopping activities together at wisma satok. Ah..busan... Then, i drove to waterfront.. Hehehe.. So cool. Isk.. How i wish my Gendut would be here jalan-jalan with me along the waterfront :(. Miss him lol.. :(

Sundun back at 8.00pm. Hoh..lapar u know. Hoh...Me n mum having nasi lemak TAPAU. wahahahahah.. What I want is back home as soon as possible. My gendut waiting.. Hehehehe..
walawehh.. hehe...
waterfront .. hehe.. 7.30 pm

did u see my mum babbling? is she still young :P

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