Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday 24th

Miss Rohaizah Mohamad

She's our lecturer at my college. She's beautiful even u have seen her with ur own eyes. She's naughty and loves surrounded many people.-__________-. She's graduated from Universiti Malaya. Before she's our tutor in Pathology I. Now in Practicum Immunohemathology III. She's kind and cute too. She's belongs to someone.. Sorry guys.. you don't have a change to take over her. hahahaha..

Happy 24th birthday Miss Izah :DD ----> I'm using pink because I know you a pink lovers. :D

4 kicks:

nasrun said...

Leh kenal tak ngan lecture..hik2..

Happy bezday to ur lecturer..

Jac said...

amboi..kan sudah dinyatakan...she's belong to someone else :DD

nasrun said...

ya2.. masa tulis belum tahu.. hehe

Jac said...

ehekkss...oo ni tgk gambar jer la eh then komen? hahah