Sunday, March 1, 2009

busy on holiday

Wuh.... Have been a long time I didn't write my daily frog. Just that I'm so lazy plus plus quite busy even though I'm on holiday. heee :D..

Yesterday for yesterday, I've been shopping to Boulevard, hang out with Roar..upss I mean ola. Means, I hang out plus plus and plus... 13 hours non stop! hahahahaha.. Then I came back home... terus PENG!!.. I've got gastric by that time because of having my dinner about 9.30pm.

But but.. I have a new slipper... :D
But I not even have my time to take any picure. The slipper is pink in color. HAHA.. What do you think about pink? wakkakakaka.. I'm not PINKY GIRL ok...warning!! whahaha...

p/s Chasya! Thanks for ACCEPTING me as your close friend that complete your day. But You are good friend for me. I love u.. xoxo.

I'll update later k...Wish that I have enough time for this.. xoxo

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