Monday, June 2, 2008

On My Way To Serian N Tebedu :P

In the car :PAlso damn bored in the car

After the mountain should be Indonesia i think.. :rolling eyes:

Ranchang Serian, Sarawak :)

WTF, at the center of the JAMBATAN GANTUNG. Damn couple of the BOYS playing around..eeee....Give LEGS... hohoho

Damn, so bored but luckily we're not feel hot here for 8 hours.. :D
Our journey starting at 8.00 am.. Heee.. From Kuching To Serian and to Tebedu and x-last at Ranchang for release n take our rest :P.. driving about 1 hour n 30 minutes. So tired laa.. ****

Then, completing our journey at Serian again for having our tea time.. Heee :D

Drive again for 45 minutes.. come back home. As soon as possible get into my room n sleep..hee :D

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