Monday, May 12, 2008

hahhaa.....last last saturday. Very tired but enjoy.. PTPL IDOL competition? hahaha...last year im the champion..but this year...i'm not making my competition as a serius competition and from the begginer i know that i'll be a DEAD MEAT..aahhahahahha. But i don't mind. As long as i LOVE perform in front of audience, i'll be satisfied.. after the competiton i have to send RAULA with the BELANG dress home because she's had something to do. and what should me n Lily will be doing? hurmm...hahaha...tink tong...IDEA's come out..her SCANDALAS, Dorai which is an Inspektor had his badminton tournament at samariang..Apa lagi??? pegi la..wkakkakakka...

Lepak at the badminton court until tired but PUAS HATI lol...hahahaa

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